Tips for Setting up a Guppy Aquarium

One of my hobbies has been enjoying aquarium fish, nothing too fancy just as a means of relaxing and learning all sorts of information about the various fishes. It occurred to me recently how little most people know about the care of fish. It is not about getting a round see through bowl, adding water and putting in some poor fish! This is can be seen on a Tom and Jerry cartoon and the hapless goldfish!

The first thing is how badly do you want to keep fish? Getting fish because the kids want some needs a great deal of thought and preparedness to look after the fish. Like most hobbies, it is making a long-term commitment to look after and provide a safe and healthy environment especially with pets, and fish come into that category. They require feeding, caring for and attention paid to their surroundings if they are to return the joy of having a happy healthy fishy community.

What sort of aquarium to buy? Please do not buy the plastic small containers, be they round, square, or oblong. The reason is that keeping fish in them can be done, but in real terms is cruel. The area on top of the bowl is the amount that oxygen from the atmosphere that is absorbed by the water. Small area equals low oxygen for the water and fish. If you have one of these change the water regularly paying attention to the water quality. From the tap, it will most likely be chlorinated and needs to be left for about 3weeks before use in the fish bowl. There are special liquids to purchase from pet shops to speed this process up for you. Plastic also scratches easily, becomes opaque and does not look attractive.

The minimum type of aquarium to buy is the standard 24”x24”x12” aquarium made of glass. A professionally made tank so that it does not leak. Getting a new glass aquarium means, the glass is clear, for a better visual experience. Place a piece of polystyrene the same size as the tank bottom, for it to stand on. The reason for this is that it spreads the weight of the water over the tank and eliminates to a certain degree, stress on the tank glass. Stressed glass can crack or become leaky, it is the last thing you need when you have a beautiful tank with fish in your lounge!

Once you have your aquarium home and sitting in its permanent place, it is then the time to start getting ready for the fun of making a watery masterpiece!