Acquiring Aquariums for your Guppies

Your aquarium becomes your fish’s home and you need to have system set up to display, your pets, maintain their health, and an aquarium that looks the part in your home. Along with these requisites is the addition of equipment to control the external factors that without them, the fish would almost certainly die.

Any waterproof non-toxic container that holds water can be used as a fish tank. The container needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of the water in it. The weight of water in the United Kingdom is that 1 gallon will weigh ten pounds, depending on the temperature of the water; the temperature will only change the weight marginally. In the United States it is different again their gallon weighing in as around 8.35lbs



The aquarium should reflect the type of fish that it supports, the time that will be available to maintain and look after aquarium and the fish. When you are choosing your aquarium, think carefully on what you would like to achieve having it in your home or on display. The glass tanks can now be made by the do it yourself brigade. The silicone sealant made today makes the building of fish tanks very easy. However, some knowledge of the thickness of the glass is required to construct different sizes of tank. The bigger the tank and consequent depth of the water, the glass thickness increases. Do confer with your local glass dealer for a better idea of the thickness of glass required.

Plastic is used for fish tanks now as well; personally, I would not use them as they scratch easily in my experience. They are improving the plastic all the time, and the plastic today is vastly different than was available in the past. Plastic has the advantage of being molded into different shapes and can be fitted into to places that your standard glass fish tank may not go.

When buying second hand tanks, it pays to check for scratches on both glass as well as the plastic ones. The inside of the tank is scratched from cleaning off the algae with the wrong cleaning utensil. While once filled with water the scratches are not as noticeable, they are there and may spoil your viewing pleasure. I use a razor blade scraper; you can buy them as paint scrapers just don’t use them for paint before you clean the aquarium. Keep it specifically for your fish tank. Gently used they clean the glass easily, with reduction in likely scratching.

When buying second hand it also is wise to make sure there are glass lids or lid on top of the tank. This stops your fish jumping out the top, and they do jump! I have discovered they seem to find the gaps on the top too! The other thing is to make sure your second hand tank has a layer of polystyrene that it sits on. From either your seller or buy a new piece to fit, it is an essential for an aquarium to sit on. The reason is that because of the weight of the water, the polystyrene pad spreads the weight evenly over the whole tank glass bottom.